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Where do I find my Support PIN?
First of all, you should not provide or show this PIN to anyone (only use it on the ticket form), this proves that you are authorized on this server and we will make changes based on this, think of th...
Article rated 4.6/5.0
How can I remove the banner on my server?
You can change your server banner via your control panel, but you cannot remove the banner as a all
Article rated 3.9/5.0
What is "Unfortunately we do not accept registrations of people from their country of origin"
Unfortunately we block some countries out of our service to avoid abuse, the complete list will not be revealed. Also it is not possible to whitelist specific IP's w
Article rated 4.8/5.0
Create server query login + whitelist for a bot
We do filter port 10011 in our firewall, in this thread first we will tell you how to get whitelisted, and then how to create your login!     If you pretend a temporary whitelist please r...
Article rated 4.8/5.0
Free codes giveaway, run!
Free codes, can only be used once, hope you have fast fingers :P Look down ;) FTS-UPwYrLW5Eg-vjghWw3eMB-yGmeb6oWp8-ejYLipwfuav0uMhFTS-rilF4XeLks-WqQSQZ7aXS-snoISzdS3Z-auiwantp8NR4eIWFTS-4H3fFVH2jp-UTD...
Article rated 3.8/5.0

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