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 Create server query login + whitelist for a bot


We do filter port 10011 in our firewall, in this thread first we will tell you how to get whitelisted, and then how to create your login!



If you pretend a temporary whitelist please read here


This is corrently not possible without our permission since we block por 10011 on our firewall and only authorized IPs can reach it.


If you plan to run a bot we can whitelist it so you can connect, but please node:


  • We will whitelist only one IP per user
  • It needs to be a static or at least almost static IP
  • It cant be from any country we block as a all
  • If something bad reaches our server from that IP (DDoS, bruteforce, making the server crash), your server will be terminated, you will be banned and whitelist entry removed and added as blacklist.

To get your bot whitelisted you must complete the form below and sent it in a ticket from the same email you created your server


Bot Static IP:

Server ID:

Forum profile URL:

What bot is it:

Do you agree with the terms avalable above?


After you have been whitelisted (by using the control panel or applying for a bot whitelisting) you can create a login this way:

  1. Open TeamSpeak 3
    Open the TeamSpeak 3 program and connect to the server that you are wanting to create a Server Query user for.
    When you create a Server Query user - your creating a user that has the same permissions as the user you are logged into TeamSpeak as. Example if I login to TeamSpeak as user "Xar98", and I create a Server Query user named "pinky" - "pinky" will have the same permissions and be in the same group as "Xar98".
  2. Server Query Login
    At the top of the TeamSpeak 3 program click the "Tools" menu then click the "ServerQuery Login" option.

  3. Create Query Login
    Type in the server query username you wish to create. Copy and paste the information that is generated for you to login with.



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